Our Story

KZZ helps exceptional artists navigate a new approach to the industry by investing in their visions and accelerating their careers.

Forging a New Path to
Artistic Achievement

KZZ Music began in 2020 as a passion project between Kirk Pasich, the co-founder of Blue Élan Records, and music producers Zackary Darling and Zachary Ross. Inspired by the struggles that musicians faced during the COVID-19 lockdown, they set out to find unique opportunities for creative expression. Some artists approached them with a concrete vision — eager to share their perspectives on issues like the Black Lives Matter movement and immigration. Others hoped to find unconventional ways to connect with fans from afar. 

Pasich, Darling & Ross soon began to help these artists make their marks. Together, they have the technical expertise to meaningfully contribute to projects of any genre and help artists navigate a new approach to the industry. Darling brings an ever-relevant understanding of modern arrangements and cutting-edge sound production. Ross specializes in organic arrangements, drawing on his affinity for the blues, folk, and soul traditions. They share a common vision for creating great music, but their divergent approaches offer a rich palette of creative opportunities for artists. 

After a series of remote studio collaborations, KZZ soon expanded into a fully fledged production company. With the expansion, the company’s model shifted. The team moved beyond the studio, undertaking more ambitious projects, including full-scale video production. They enlisted the help of more talented creative professionals, including Project Manager Nicole Kornett. Today, KZZ approaches each artist with a holistic roadmap designed to elevate their artistic output and accelerate their careers. Its original vision is unchanged: to produce high caliber music and create unique career opportunities for the artists they love.

Our mission is to produce career-defining music through our expertise, connections, and shared vision.

Who We Are

Kirk Pasich

Executive Producer

Kirk Pasich is a music entrepreneur with extensive experience and connections throughout the industry. As executive producer, Pasich is often the vision behind KZZ’s most ambitious projects. Pasich founded Blue Élan Records, an indie-Americana label named the “most artist-friendly label” by Forbes Magazine. He is also a respected entertainment lawyer with long-time connections throughout the industry. Through Pasich, KZZ has a worldwide distribution partnership with The Orchard and links with publicists, radio promoters, television networks, and other launchpads. Pasich brings a unique combination of business savvy and creative intuition to KZZ, drawing on his experience as a producer, music critic, and personal manager.

Zackary Darling

Music Producer, Recording Engineer

Zackary Darling is a music producer, engineer, and mixer with unrivaled expertise in modern arrangements. At KZZ, Darling mentors developing artists and guides the company’s overarching strategy regarding artist partnerships. Past production clients include The Temptations, John 5, Lita Ford, and Eric Gales. Darling is also recognized for his work on Tierney Sutton’s “The Sting Variations,” and Janiva Magness’ “Love Wins Again,” both of which received Grammy nominations. Darling is a Bay Area native and UC Santa Cruz graduate. Now he is based in Los Angeles, where he is a member of the LA indie rock band Figs Vision.

Zachary Ross

Music Producer, Video Producer

Zachary Ross is a music producer, music director, and guitarist with a passionate commitment to a musical idealism. At KZZ, Ross works directly with artists to refine their sound, write new songs and reinvent arrangements. He is also KZZ’s resident video producer, with a parallel career in graphic design and connections with visual creators. Hailing from Kansas City, Ross feels a profound connection to the blues, which manifests in his soulful guitar playing. Today he calls Los Angeles home, where he continues to write and produce music and video projects, while maintaining a busy studio and touring schedule, supporting various artists. 

Let’s Get Connected

We partner with visionary artists to create the work of a lifetime while invigorating the industry scene with unique music and content. If you’re interested in joining KZZ as an artist or industry amplifier, reach out today.